unique, top quality flooring... right here in Nashville.


wood and reclaimed wood flooring:

If you need new hardwood floors in your home, we can do the job quickly, professionally, and affordably. Whether natural hardwood, reclaimed wood, or engineered hardwood, we can outfit your space with wood floors of any color, origin, or finish. We can also help you preserve or refinish your current flooring. Hardwood and reclaimed hardwood floors can last a lifetime with proper installation and care. Let us get you started on the path to gorgeous hardwood.

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl flooring is one of the most versatile and enduring flooring options on the market. Ozburn-Hessey can install a new vinyl floor that will stand the test of time, even holding up beneath spills and scratches. Vinyl floors also come in every possible color and finish. You’ll never have to sand or refinish vinyl, and cleaning it is easy. Contemporary vinyl is a no-brainer for people with pets, kids, or renters, and is a beautiful addition to any home. Let us outfit your space with a beautiful vinyl floor that will last.


If your house’s carpeting is in need of an update, or if you’d like to add carpets for the first time, Ozburn-Hessey is your Nashville flooring solution. We can rip out your old carpet and have your new selection installed in hours. If you have questions about colors, materials, and usage, we’re happy to consult on any sized project. Whether you are looking for style and comfort or pure durability, we can help pick out the carpet solutions for your home. Don’t settle for less and don’t wait for an excuse. Give Ozburn-Hessey a call today at 615-254-1585 to learn more about carpet for the home.

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