A Guide to Hardwood Happiness

Hardwood floors have been a stunning flooring option since man can remember.  The alluring quality of wood does wonders in transforming a living or professional space by adding warmth, natural beauty, and durable material.  While hardwood flooring seems to be a near perfect addition to any space, there are several factors to keep in mind when working with it.  Consider the following in order to get the most out of your hardwood flooring.

Guide to Hardwood Flooring


Maintaining wood floors is easy!  Unlike other floors that need to be waxed or sealed periodically, wood floors are pretty chill when it comes to regular upkeep.  This doesn’t mean they should be ignored though.  Daily, or weekly depending on amount of use of the space, sweeping is recommended and once a month or so a recommended wood flooring cleaner should be applied.  This keeps the grit off the floor that can accumulate and cause wear in the finish and dull your wood’s luster.  Also running over the floor with a vacuum set to bare floor is a good way to quickly pick up dust and dirt.  With regular maintenance wood floors will provide you with a lifetime of natural beauty.  If your floors are old and in need of a refinish then we can help with that too.  Check out the gorgeous refinishing Ozburn-Hessey did for the Country Music Hall of Fame in this video.


Wood floors are extremely flexible when it comes to complementing room decorum.  It’s helpful to think of wood as a neutral space meaning you needn’t worry about matching furniture, appliances, or other room treatments to the floor.  This opens up a world of possibility to experiment with color and patterns that might not be possible with other flooring types.  If you find yourself wishing to draw more attention to the floor then it’s helpful to choose cabinetry and furniture colors that are either mostly dark or shades of white.  Have fun with it!


While wood is extremely durable to high traffic and use, it is critical to take a couple common sense steps to protecting the finish.  Be diligent to make sure all chairs, stools, and table legs have a protective felt or plastic footer.  It’s a painful sight to see a deep gouge in your wood’s finish after an encounter with a sharp chair leg.  Rugs work wonderfully to protect the finish of your wood when placed under coffee tables or other furniture where scratching may occur.  The use of a rug can also act as a visual buffer between a wooden table and a wood floor and can be the magic touch to transform a previously unpleasing aesthetic into a work of art!

Whether you’re looking to breathe new life back into your old wood flooring or considering the transformative power of adding wood to your space, the experts at Ozburn-Hessey are here to help.  Ozburn-Hessey works with world renowned vendors to ensure you get the highest quality products at the most competitive price all while caring for our environment and observing sustainable practices.  We look forward to hearing from you!