Bold vs. Neutral: What’s the Best Carpet?

When it comes to your floor installation, the type of carpet can say a lot about your space (or it can say very little if you want it to)! The point is, color and texture of your carpet should be intentional to the overall interior design of your home or commercial space, whether it be loud and proud or subtle and soft. There are so many options of carpet colors available to you when the time comes for new flooring. This can be both a blessing and a curse (depending on how you look at it). The more choices the harder the decision can be, but interior design has truly never been more customizable.

So what’s the benefit in choosing a bold color over a neutral? Or why choose a neutral hue over a bold or bright color? Really, there are benefits to choosing either. It really depends on what you’re looking for, your personal style and the space you are looking to remodel. If you are in the middle of deciding what color or style to choose from, here are some great benefits for both bold and neutral colors:

Choosing a bold color for your carpet is always a risky choice, but it can often be incredibly rewarding. If you want to convey a lot of personality in your floors, using a bright or bold carpet is a great choice. Using a bold carpet is a great idea if you have a small budget to spend on wall decor and other items for your interior design. Adding that extra splash of color can really liven up a room without much effort. Many establishments will choose bold colors for their commercial carpets to hide stains and dirt too. While many commercial carpets can withstand wear and tear, adding attractive patterns to your floor might help hide any dirt in-between cleanings.

Choosing a neutral carpet is always a safe but lovely choice for any residential or commercial space. If you don’t want to say a whole lot with your flooring, a neutral color is a great option. In addition, having gray, beige or white carpets are versatile options that go with any kind of interior design space (and multiple looks if you like to redecorate often). Like bold colors, our crew of experts have a wide variety of neutral commercial carpets available for anyone who might love the look. There are also options available that can withstand wear and tear.

Want to know the great thing about both of these hues? Both will look great in your space thanks to Ozburn-Hessey! It’s all about what you want more in a floor. Not sure what kind of floors look best for your space? Discuss your options with our crew of floor installation experts. They’ll be able to give you options for flooring that not only looks fantastic with your interior design but that also fits within your budget and embodies everything you need in a floor. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for more information about all our services within the Nashville area including ceiling and floor installation.

Bold Vs Neutral Carpet