3 Reasons Why Ozburn-Hessey's Floor Installation Warranty is Right for You

There are so many great perks to having beautiful, Ozburn-Hessey-installed commercial floors. But did you know that one of those great reasons is the warranty? From jewelry to furniture to your floors, products with warranties are simply better. Not only is a warranty in place if you need it, but it’s also a great way to ensure you’re receiving a high-quality product. And not all flooring companies offer a warranty with their floor installation services. To us, that signals a red alarm! Ozburn-Hessey offers a one year installation warranty for all of their floor installation projects to their customers all over the Middle Tennessee area. This means that if something goes wrong with your floors, Ozburn-Hessey will come and fix it for you, no hassle needed!

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Warranties are awesome for a variety of reasons, and they really set Ozburn-Hessey apart from other flooring companies. Need any more reasons why warranties are wonderful? Here are three:

  1. No hassle. Let’s say you just had commercial carpet or commercial hardwood flooring installed and something goes wrong. Call Ozburn-Hessey. They’ll come out and fix the issue if it falls under the warranty with no hassle to you. Ozburn-Hessey understands the importance of how your floors look. The team will address the issue quickly and resolve it efficiently leaving you, the client, hassle free.  

  2. Quality. Ozburn-Hessey strives to be the best flooring company in the Nashville area. By providing outstanding customer service and superior floor installation, they are doing just that. Their warranty is proof. Always making sure you receive the best product and experience available is Ozburn-Hessey’s goal, and providing a warranty for their services only solidifies this goal. They know that not everything is going to be perfect. By allowing customers to take advantage of a warranty if they need to, the installation team at Ozburn-Hessey is building an honest and professional relationship with the Nashville community.

  3. No fee. Have you ever tried to use a warranty, only to find out there hidden fees or loopholes in them? How frustrating is that? A warranty shouldn’t have to be complicated, right? If your floors need to be looked at within the year of the original floor installation, Ozburn-Hessey will make sure it happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s commercial carpet, linoleum or commercial hardwood flooring. If a customer needs to take advantage of their floor installation warranty, it’s free of charge. Ozburn-Hessey has been a long-standing business in the Middle Tennessee area for many years now. They know commercial and household things can add up. Rest assured that if something goes wrong in your first year with the flooring installation, they’ve got you covered.

Mistakes in your floor installation do happen, but that’s why a warranty is in place. While Ozburn-Hessey’s goal is to make sure customers never have to worry about using the warranty, it’s vital to have one. Not all flooring companies offer a warranty with their services, but Ozburn-Hessey does! Not only does this promote exceptional workmanship, but it also assures clients they made the right choice in hiring Ozburn-Hessey. Interested in learning more about residential floors, commercial carpet, commercial hardwood flooring and other services? Call the team today to discuss your options.