The Best Type of Flooring for Your Company

Just like companies, all flooring is different. Carpet, hardwood, vinyl, rubber -- just to name a few -- are among the many types of commercial flooring from which to choose. And just like each company has its own culture, your floor should be unique. Maybe you need carpet for an office, or rubber flooring for a daycare center. Whatever the case, Ozburn-Hessey will help you find the best flooring for your Nashville area company.


Carpet and Offices -- For many offices, sound control and comfort are key. This is why carpet is typically recommended when undergoing floor installation. Commercial carpet not only absorbs sound (which is crucial in close proximity), but it’s also durable. For years of walking with high heels on carpet, eating at your desk and talking on the phone, carpet is a great choice.

Rubber Flooring and Kids -- Rubber flooring is a great choice for many different types of companies, even for children’s facilities. This flooring is shock absorbent, slip and stain resistant, and, like carpet, sound resistant. This type of floor is great for children who love to play and make messes, and it won’t harm your floor long-term!

Vinyl and Medical Centers -- Doctor’s offices, hospital rooms and other medical centers see a lot of traffic. That’s why it’s important to install a floor that’s resilient. These spaces need to have a durable floor that can stand up to all kinds of wear and tear -- and affordable. Fast-paced environments like St. Thomas Midtown or other major medical centers in the Nashville area benefit from something like vinyl that’s both resilient and budget friendly.

One size doesn’t fit all. You wouldn’t install hardwood floors the emergency room at Vanderbilt would you? That’s why Ozburn-Hessey has an array of available flooring ranging from commercial carpet to hardwood to vinyl. You can choose the floor that best suites your space and your needs -- and it doesn’t stop there. Ozburn-Hessey understands the importance of aesthetics as well. Not only can you install floors that work great for your company, but something that looks great too!

Want more information on the installation process or their catalog of vendors (like JJ Kinetex)? Contact Ozburn-Hessey if you live in the Middle Tennessee area for additional information. Happy floor installation, folks!