3 Ways to Make a Room Appear Bigger With Floors

A lot of Ozburn-Hessey clients ask how to make their commercial or home space appear larger than it really is using floor installation. It’s a common question, but there are several simple solutions to achieve this look. Though most of the floors suggested below are for hard floors, such as vinyl and hardwood, the rule can also apply to various kinds of flooring materials. You don’t have to have a large space to make the space look large.

Here are just three solutions to making your space look bigger using flooring:

  1. Install floors diagonally -- This technique is a commonly practiced one in the world of floor installation. No matter the type of flooring -- whether it be LVT, hardwood or linoleum, this effect can be a great way to make the room appear bigger than it really is. Installing floors diagonally tricks the eye into seeing a pattern from a different perspective. This is a great way to give the room some depth and interesting perspective and all the while making the room look larger!

  2. Pick large tiles instead of smaller -- If you choose to install floors using large tiles, you’re enhancing visual space and increasing the appearance of more square footage in the room. Many tiled floors have larger options in tile, so it’s a great option for multiple looks. Want another tip? Install without grout giving the illusion of even more open space.

  3. Dark wood/Consistent material -- Using dark wood might seem like a scary solution, but with the right details, it can be pulled off and even make the room appear larger! This is an old decorator’s trick, but using a complementary wall paint and trim is a great solution. In addition, using consistent flooring throughout the house or commercial space allows the space to appear bigger as well. If you have to change floor types throughout be sure to install similar. That way your hardwood and carpet do not look too disconnected making each room appear smaller.

If you have a small commercial space or residential home, making the room appear larger is often desired. And though there are many interior designer tricks to achieving the look of a larger room, installing floors using the suggestions above is a sure-fire way of ensuring the space looks larger. Interested in learning more about Ozburn-Hessey’s floor installation process and the different kind of flooring (linoleum, hardwood, carpet) they use for commercial and residential spaces? Call them today for more information!