Serving Middle Tennessee for Over 60 Years: The History of Ozburn Hessey

You can tell a lot about the integrity of a business by its history, and it’s safe to say that Ozburn-Hessey has really rooted itself in Nashville’s community over the years. With over 40 years in floor and ceiling installation, Ozburn-Hessey has created a family-owned business that has a reputation for excellent customer service and superior floor installation services. Beginning in the early 1950s, this third generation family business has flourished and prospered in providing ceiling and floors to commercial business all over Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

The Beginning

Ozburn Hessey

Ozburn-Hessey began as a storage and shipping/logistics business in the early 1950s. At the same time, Ozburn-Hessey purchased WENO carpet cleaning. Working out of the same building they still use today (402 Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville), Ozburn-Hessey offered both storage and carpet cleaning services to its customers until 1972. The business was then encouraged to sell and install flooring, in addition to the carpet cleaning. For 14 years, Ozburn-Hessey ran storage, floor installation and carpet cleaning until they moved the storage company and closed the carpet cleaning department to focus on sales and installation growth.  Today, the storage company has thrived as an international business, called Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, which specializes in global supply chain management.

The Poag’s

In 1986, the carpet business was purchased by Joe Poag and Kirk Low, the chief financial officer and president of Ozburn-Hessey. Joe Poag’s son, Mark Poag, began working with veteran salesmen and expanded the company’s clientele to commercial businesses and acoustical ceilings, which in Mark’s words, “is a great package with flooring to cater to commercial business” in Music City. Once Mark’s father retired, he acquired the business along with his brother Jim Poag. And years later Mark’s sons, Matt and Joe, picked up the family business and now see to the day-to-day activities of floor and ceiling installation, making it a 3rd generation family business.

Today, Ozburn-Hessey is a reputable and dependable floor installation service for both commercial and residential customers. Whether it’s an acoustical installation in a music center or a floor installation job at a retail store, Ozburn-Hessey has years of experience on its resume. For more information about flooring or ceiling installation, call Ozburn-Hessey today.

Ozburn Hessey