How to Make a Room Look Larger with Ceilings and Floors

One common question clients often ask is how to make a room appear larger. There are several ways to make each room bigger, including letting natural light shine through windows, installing mirrors or minimizing the clutter. But what are some ways to make the room look bigger when you want to install floors in your business or home in Nashville? Here are a few to consider:

  • Use light colors for the floors to give it an illusion of a larger room. Lightly colored carpet or hardwood is a great way to create this effect. If you need ceiling tiles, have lightly colored ceiling tiles installed and it creates the same kind of effect.
  • Planks instead of strips of wood make the tiles look much bigger for floor installation. Strips of wood generally mean pieces less than three inches in width; planks are three inches or larger. Your floors will require fewer planks than strips, which will make the room look larger and the floors less busy. This same concept can be said for larger floor tiles, ceiling tiles and other pieces for floor installation.
  • Install your floors diagonally. This concept works with all kinds of flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles, hardwoods and laminate will all generate the same illusion. By installing the floors diagonally, you are tricking the eye into seeing a different perspective of the room, which makes the room look larger.

When it comes to installing carpets, tiles, hardwoods and ceilings, you have many options to make your room appear bigger. Nashville is a city full of stylish interior design (even if the space is small) and there is no reason you can’t have a business or home full of large rooms and major style. If you have questions or need guidance about the best way to install floors, Ozburn-Hessey is always available for questions and pricing.