Ozburn-Hessey Spotlight: First Baptist Church

Churches never got out of style, but their floors might. With years of service to the Nashville community, chapels and houses of worship go through years of floor trends that span from hardwoods to carpets back to hardwoods. Recently, Ozburn-Hessey completed a project with First Baptist Church on refinishing their hardwoods, and the outcome has been spectacular.

Baptist Church Floor Remodeling

With just a small team and a few days, this project was an easy and affordable way for the chapel to renovate its space for a more classic look. The project itself was roughly 2,200 square feet and only took a couple days to sand, stain and coat the existing floors. Now you can tour the church and its new chapel floors by contacting First Baptist Church at (615) 664-6000.

Baptist Church Floor 2

Refinishing floors is a popular way to enhance the look of your existing floors, especially if it’s in an old or renovated building. More and more businesses are opting out of floor installation and choosing to showcase their existing hardwoods. Older churches are a common customer at Ozburn-Hessey for refinishing, but so are historic buildings like Merchants Restaurant on 4th and Broadway.

Baptist Church Floor Refinishing

These floors were once covered in outdated carpet and are now transformed into beautiful hardwood that will last for many years to come. Both time conscious and cost effective, refinishing hardwoods is a great option for those with existing hardwood. Thinking about your own floor installation or refinishing project? Call Ozburn-Hessey today with any questions or to schedule a consultation.

Baptist Church Overview