How to Prevent Noise on Hardwoods in Nashville Businesses

It is pretty safe to say that hardwood flooring is luxurious, which is a big part of its appeal. However, with some pros, come some cons. A common complaint among hardwood floor owners is that it's noisy. This is a cause for concern, especially for Nashville business owners who have customers coming in and out of their facility all the time. However, squeaky floors are a common problem with hardwood floors after the building has been established for a while and the wood becomes worn.


Because hardwood flooring is so expensive, we understand the importance of maintaining the floors. So instead of trying to Google how to fix the problem yourself, call Ozburn-Hessey and have them assist you. This will not only ensure safety for you, but you will also know the job is being done right to keep those beautiful floors in tip-top condition.

Sick of the hardwood anyway? Go with carpet, an alternative floor or add an alternate rug. Depending on your needs (whether you are running a restaurant or a hotel), Ozburn-Hessey can point you in the right direction for flooring options from carpet to linoleum to laminate. If an area rug is the way you want to go, Ozburn-Hessey can custom-make the rug from any style in stock. Carpet is much more quiet for high-traffic areas and is less expensive.

Nashville's local businesses are thriving, and Ozburn-Hessey gets to play a part. When it comes to your floor needs, Ozburn-Hessey is your company. From noisy hardwood questions to installation inquiries, they've got it all. Ozburn-Hessey provides acoustical and flooring installation services to the greater Nashville area including Brentwood, Franklin, Madison, Antioch, Cool Springs and Green Hills. For more information, please call (615) 254-1585.