Picking the Right Floor Type for Your Pet-Friendly Business

One of the wonderful things about Middle Tennessee is its pet-friendly atmosphere almost everywhere you go. Whether you’re walking in Centennial Park or visiting a dog bakery in Murfreesboro, our beloved furry friends surround us. As business owners, it’s important to be aware of these fur-babies as they walk through your doors. Perhaps you only allow disability dogs in your place of business or perhaps you run a veterinary clinic! Whatever the reason, the floors in your business need to be considered.

Carpet is generally a no-go. While there are so many great benefits to carpet, oftentimes pets and carpets in the business world do not mix. Think of all the icky stains that get left behind! Of course, there are exceptions -- hotels and apartment complexes that allow pets tend to have carpet. However, if you want your floors to last a long time and pets are regular patrons, carpet might be out of the picture.


Vinyl flooring has the "it" factor. This floor is both easy to clean up if the pet makes a mess and harder to damage. It's durable against moisture, scratches and other bumps and bruises. Vinyl flooring, especially, is great for high traffic businesses where pets will be running and playing through on a regular basis.

Hardwood laminate for a classy but practical alternative to hardwood flooring. If you are dead-set on wood floor installation, but also know that animals will be coming in and out of your Nashville business, consider laminate. This cost-effective solution is more durable and scratch and water resistant. To top it off, you still get that hardwood flooring look.

Pets don’t just stay at home. They’re just as mobile as we are; so it’s no wonder business owners are taking additional steps to accommodate our furry friends. Businesses such as hotels, doggie daycares, veterinarian clinics and so many others have animals coming and going, so it’s important to know what kind of floor works best. Ozburn-Hessey considers all factors when recommending types of floor, including man’s best friend! Though carpet can be a pain for animal lovers, vinyl flooring and even laminate wood flooring are good options to consider.

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