Difference Between Cleaning Hardwood and Carpet Flooring


Ozburn-Hessey knows that owning a business is hard. (Ain't that the truth, right?) Keeping your floors clean should rarely be a top priority. And yet, keeping a clean workspace for your employees and customers is key to a successful venture in Nashville. Whether it is hardwood or carpet, it could be a world of difference if the floor is kept clean and repaired. Though seemingly obvious, it's always good to be reminded of some tips for cleaning an array of floors.

Hardwood: Weekly sweeping to remove dust, pet hair and other dirt is the best way to keep those hardwood floors clean regularly, without scratching the surface. However, grime can build up over time so consider deep-cleaning remedies that remove all the oil and filth over the last 6 months.

Carpet: Frequent vacuuming over the high-traffic areas is probably the best way to keep the area clean. Like with carpet in your home, treat stains as needed and with care. For odor problems, try adding baking soda to the vacuum bag and then sweeping over the soiled area. The better care you take of the carpet, the longer it can last.

Keeping a clean floor is key, though sometimes it can be moved to the back burner. Not only does it reflect your business's professionalism, but it also maintains the quality of the floor and the health of your employees and customers by keeping the mold, dust and safety hazards at bay. During and after installation, Ozburn-Hessey is more than happy to answer any questions about proper cleaning of your floor and specific warranties that might coincide. Ozburn-Hessey is available for clients within the Middle Tennessee area such as Franklin, Belle Meade, Brentwood, Cool Springs and more. For more information or an estimate, please call (615) 254-1585.