Water Damage! How Can Ozburn-Hessey Help Nashville Business Owners?

Whether you have carpet, tiles or hardwood flooring, water damage is a shuttering thought for many Nashville business owners. Though small amounts or spills can be easily cleaned up with little to no damage large amounts, such as flooding, can literally and figuratively put a business under water. Ozburn-Hessey works hard with other local businesses to make sure their floors are beautiful and in good condition. Whether you're looking for a simple repair or you need an entire reinstallation, Ozburn-Hessey will see your project from start to finish with the utmost professionalism.


Hardwoods and water do not work well together. Hardwoods be damaged from customers coming in and out of the building with wet shoes. In addition to frequent maintenance, be sure to clean any standing water from the hardwood flooring immediately to avoid any major damage.

Carpet is a different type of floor to clean if water comes in contact. If water is in small amounts (say, a spilled glass of water) it can be easily soaked up with a towel. However, large quantities that flood require major repair or even replacements.

Water damage can happen. You're running a business after all! From a simple spill of water to a burst in the water pipes, Nashville business owners have seen it all. Rest assured that Ozburn-Hessey understands your issues and can quickly assist you in resolving the issue. Not only do they work for commercial floor installation, but they also specialize in design and product selection, project management and cost estimation.

Ozburn-Hessey serves Middle Tennessee business all over the greater Nashville area, including Madison, Antioch, Hendersonville and Cool Springs. For a consultation on repairing water damaged floors, call Ozburn-Hessey at (615) 254-1585.