The 3 Best Flooring Options for Your Commercial Office Space in nashville, tn

Is it time to revamp the flooring in your commercial office? Oftentimes, business owners are unsure of the best options for their office floor and need a hand. That's where Ozburn-Hessey can come in. Some floors, like hardwood flooring might be an attractive option for your office, but might not be the best. Desk chairs and high heels could scratch the surface and repairs could be costly.

Here are three great types of floor best for your Nashville commercial business.


Carpet -- This is often the most popular choice for a business. Professional and within budget, carpet is a functional and effective type of flooring. Depending on the kind of traffic your floor will see day to day, Ozburn-Hessey can help you find the highest quality material for your floor installation needs.

Rubber -- Rubber flooring is a great alternative for your office if you are looking for a clean and efficient floor. Rubber flooring is a great sound barrier for noisy offices. In addition, they are also easy to clean when messes occur. A lot of hospitals and other medical centers use rubber flooring for these purposes.

Tiles -- This is a good option for an office that needs a strong, dependable floor. In addition, tile flooring is easy to clean. For an office that needs easy maintenance, high-durability and desires a sleek, modern feel, tiles are a great option for your next floor installation.

Are you a small music label on Music Row or clinic or hospital department on Vanderbilt's campus? No matter what your needs for you Nashville business might be, Ozburn-Hessey strives to accommodate you. Aimed to making sure you find the flooring you need, Ozburn-Hessey also aims to make your floor installation experience a great one. For more information on what type of flooring (from carpet to tiles) might be best for you, contact Ozburn-Hessey at 615-254-1585.