Signs Your Floors Need a Makeover

It comes to a point in every floor's life that a makeover is vital. Sometimes it is a simple refinish on hardwood flooring. And sometimes, it's an entire carpet replacement. Whether it's a refinish or a complete remodel, commercial floors need some constant TLC to ensure your business embodies professionalism and cleanliness.

Of course, every type of floor is different, but it's important to know signs of damage and when it is time to make changes accordingly. Nashville is a prime location for changing seasons. Elements can take a hard tool of wood and other flooring. Because you run a business, your floors are much more susceptible to damage than flooring in a home. Here are some sure signs that it's time to give floors a facelift:

Permanent stains in carpet and scratches in hardwood flooring -- if professional cleaning or spot treatments won't clean embedded stains and scratches, it might be time to replace your carpet or hardwood.

Discoloration in linoleum  -- Like embedded stains, discoloration in linoleum can mean time to replace what is damaged.


Water damage -- Unfortunately, water damage is always possible, whether it's flood or storm damage. If this is the case, remodeling will be necessary for all types of flooring. Ozburn-Hessey will be able to assist you in any questions for replacement floors and what would work best for your needs.

Carpet padding worn out or matted down walkways -- this is a common problem for commercial buildings with heavy business. If your carpet is looking worn down, it might be time for new padding or an entire carpet replacement.

Hardwood floors are bouncy and seem unstable -- This happens if the hardwood flooring is too old. If you are unsure whether to come refinish or replace, call in a professional to advise you.

Age of the flooring -- Sometimes aging is a significant reason to give your flooring a make over. You carpet could be worn down or your linoleum could simply be out of style.

Giving your floors a makeover is a great way to give your business an instant renewed and fresher look. Sometimes it's hard to determine what type of work needs to be done and that's where Ozburn-Hessey can come into play. Give your old Nashville floors the cosmetic surgery it deserves. For more information on Ozburn-Hessey's services, call (615) 254-1585.