Woca Oil Takes your Flooring to the Next Level

Woca -- A Great Flooring Alternative to the Nashville Norm.


Hardwood flooring is a timeless quality to have in any home or commercial area. Take the Country Music Hall of Fame, for example. A classic Nashville staple requires a classic look. That's where Ozburn-Hessey comes in. And while most companies in Nashville use different methods, Ozburn-Hessey goes above and beyond to make sure your flooring looks spectacular.

Woodcare USA, an exclusive importer of Woca oil finishing, is a vital tool in Ozburn-Hessey's flooring work. Woca, originally began in Denmark, and is now one of the oldest manufacturers of hardwood oil finishing in Europe. In 1994 Woodcare brought Woca to the United States and has since served the country with their complete product package for all hardwood flooring.

A couple facts about Woca:

Woca does not contain wax - these are vegetable oil-based products and have non-aromatic solvents. The oil not only penetrates the wood to make the flooring harder, but it also creates a protective surface, which makes scratches and dents less noticeable.

VOC-free - VOC, short for Volatile Organic Compounds, are common air pollutants that are believed to be a factor of Global Warming.  Realizing the negative impact VOCs are to the environment, Woodcare produced their first Woca oils in 2008 VOC free.

A fairly uncommon product throughout Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area, Woca oil is strongly recommended at Ozburn-Hessey. While the most common technique for hardwood flooring is staining and then coating with a polyurethane, there are some disadvantages for using this method instead of Woca. Not only is future repair much more difficult, the sheen allows for a much more visible wear and tear. If the floor is scratched, the coat can turn white and the dings and dents of the floor can begin to show.

Woca oil is used also to protect the flooring from the elements, such as weather and high-volume traffic. For projects like the Country Music Hall of Fame, traffic and weathering are huge factors and need to be considered when choosing a product for the floor.  With a dirt and water-resistant hardwood floor, the possibilities are endless.

For more information about Ozburn-Hessey's services and Woca oil, contact them today at (615) 254-1585.