Easy Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Brand New

Now that Ozburn-Hessey has installed your beautiful hardwood flooring, you need to know how to keep it clean. This is especially important because not only is it new, but hardwood flooring can easily be scratched or water damaged. Whether you've got hardwood in your home in Franklin or your business in the Gulch, keeping the floors clean can be a cinch with these tips:

Perform weekly dusting with a sweeper. Make sure the sweeper has been treated with a dusting agent that will pick up hair, dust and dander. Be sure never to use a vacuum on the hardwood. The wheels will scratch the surface causing unnecessary damage.

Simple dusting is not going to pick up the dirt and grime that builds up with constant wear and tear. Occasionally (perhaps once or twice a year) clean the floors using a hardwood flooring cleanser according to the label's instructions. Once you are finished, be sure to remove any access liquid from the floors. This will prevent any water damage to the hardwood flooring.

After you install hardwood flooring, there's a lot of "oooing" and "ahhing" that comes with it. But just like with any other floor, you need to keep it cleaned and looking nice. Yes, hardwood can last long but they have to be properly cleaned on a routine basis. If you have further questions about tips on how to keep your hardwood clean or you would like to know more about floor installation, call Ozburn-Hessey today at (615) 254-1585.